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Food Tripping – Achiote Hen

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Recipe taken from Eva Lopez Mayorga

One of the most traditional dishes in Guanacaste to celebrate Christmas dinner is gallina achiotada (achiote hen) and Eva Lopez’s is one of the most coveted in Nicoya because her hen is delicious.

Six servings.


3 kg chicken

1 bunch of cilantro

1 head of garlic

2 packages of chicken stock powder

½ kg potatoes

1 package of bacon

1 medium can of mushrooms

1 large pepper

2 onions

Salt to taste

Salsa Inglesa to taste

1 tablespoon achiote


1. Parboil chicken with cilantro, accompanied by garlic and salt to taste.

2. While parboiling the chicken, prepare the filling by chopping the potatoes into strips and then sauté them in butter.

3. Add bacon, diced peppers and onions, mushrooms, chicken stock and a little Salsa Inglesa.

4. When the chicken is soft, remove it and make a small hole for the stuffing.

5. After inserting all of the stuffing, close it with some toothpicks.

6. Afterward prepare a saucepan with butter and achiote to fry the chicken.

7. Fry it until fully cooked.

Lopez recommends not using a lot of water to parboil the chicken and also not frying it for too long since it could burn.