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Tapas are a great classic in Spanish cuisine and one of the activities that best represents their culture. Tapas for every taste are found in most restaurants, served as appetizers before dinner or even to replace dinner.

An evening with friends can be topped off with tapas of pickles, bread and cheese or different hams, olives, stuffed croquettes with béchamel sauce, clams, squid, skewers or potato tortillas, among others.

A common drink for refreshment is sangria, a drink made with different wines, orange juice and fruit that is marinated for hours beforehand to give the drink a very fresh taste.

Shellfish are not lacking in the coastal areas of Valencia, Catalonia, Mallorca and Murcia, although it is common to see paella all around the country. This dish is a spectacle in itself of color and aromas.

Tibidabo Mediterranean Food & Cocktail Bar

Location: Guiones, Nosara, 300 meters to the west and 75 meters south of the Colibri Tennis Club (view on map)

Dish: Seafood Paella. It is the signature dish of this restaurant, made with between 25 and 30 ingredients. The rice gets its texture while cooking to the frying pan for 20 minutes in a mixture of fish head broth, tomato, saffron, olive oil and salt. There is also pork or vegetable paella.

Prices: $12 to $20.

Dish: Tapas of Patatas Bravas. Potatoes cut into cubes approximately four centimeters in size, fried in oil and served with salsa brava made with paprika and mayonnaise.

Price: From $8 to $10.

Phone: 2682-0837

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