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American cuisine is a reflection of its history. With influences from countries such as England, Italy, Germany and Ireland, among others, some of these countries’ original dishes were integrated and deeply ingrained into American culture.

Undoubtedly the best example is the hamburger, a fabulous combination of meat, bun and cheese, with modifications that have been added over time. Although the history isn’t clear and there are many who claim this food, it is said that in the nineteenth century in Germany, Hamburg’s fillet— which was beef minced to make meatballs— became popular and following the migration of Germans to the U.S., the combination was produced.

Barbecue (BBQ) is also characteristic of American food. Besides burgers and hot dogs, chicken wings are a barbecue classic in homes and sports bars. Wings are usually cooked with barbecue sauce (made from vinegar, tomato paste, spices and brown sugar) and served with blue cheese dressing.

In the United States, going to a steakhouse is common when dining out. Some of the most well-known cuts of steak are T-Bone, Rib Eye and New York Strip, served with mashed potatoes or fries.

Burgers and Beers

Location: Guiones, Nosara, across from Kaya Sol in north Guiones. (view on map)

Dish: French Burger. Includes bacon, béarnaise sauce and fries inside the burger, peasant style. Their meat is certified Angus beef and the bun is made from potatoes.

Price: ¢ 6,500 (about $12.25)

Phone: 2682-5558

Marlin Bill’s

Location: Guiones, Nosara, above the Economy Rent-A-Car. (view on map

Dish: New York Strip Steak. Served with onion rings, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Price: ¢ 7,500 (about $14)

Phone: 2682-0458

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