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Historic San Blas Temple in Nicoya Reopens its Doors

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The old building was closed for almost seven years, but after a $1.2 million investment by the Cultural Ministry’s Center for National Heritage, it reopened its doors to the community, as well as to tourists who visit it on their way through Nicoya.

Its restoration included three phases of structural reinforcement, the last of which was completed in July, just in time to celebrate the annexation of Nicoya.

During archaeological digs, researchers found different objects, including some made of ceramic and individuals who were buried according to colonial tradition. They also discovered the foundations of the temple from 1644 and decided to leave two “windows” so the public can see them, as well as a “witness” to appreciate the jetty and carbon fiber for its restoration. A series of panels will inform the public about the history and restoration work.

As of July 24, when it reopened, the old and beloved shrine continues to be at the epicenter of the city of Nicoya, its festivals in honor of San Blas every February 3 and of Our Lady Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12 that includes masquerades, fireworks, parades and and endless list of activities and traditions that make it an icon of the Costa Rican community and an invaluable, historic architectural heritage site that will be around for years – or centuries – to come.