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If You’re Going to Buy Fireworks, Be Aware of Which Ones Are Allowed

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The grand finale of most Christmas and New Year celebrations is probably the variety of fireworks that brighten the festivities. However, the Voice of Guanacaste recommends a number of points that should be taken into account when purchasing these items.

According to the Public Force of Nicoya, it is illegal to sell any devices that are explosive like firecrackers, snappers, volcanoes and rockets.

A type called “trincheras” can be bought, which is a kind that is thrown into the air and produces colorful figures, as well as spiders, which produce combinations of lights and can be seen from a certain height but are not dangerous.

Others that are allowed are the popular “perseguidores” (chasers), but it is best to use them in open areas where they cannot collide with objects.

In addition, for little ones, the most recommended are sparklers, not classified as dangerous devices, but children should not be allowed to use them without supervision since they could put the sparkler somewhere and start a fire.

Another important point to consider is that sites that sell fireworks, like street stands, should have a temporary license granted by the Municipality of Nicoya. You have the right to ask the seller to show you the sales license.

Oliver Perez, press spokesperson for the Municipality of Nicoya, explained that only one person requested a permit to sell fireworks. Fulvio Miranda from Los Ángeles neighborhood, north side of Casa Cuna Sueños y Sonrisas. Perez affirmed that all those who sell fireworks without a permit will be detained and the fireworks taken away.

Although statistics collected by the burns unit of the National Children’s Hospital shows a total of 446 children who were burned in 2013, only nine were from fireworks and none were in Guanacaste. But it is always better to be cautious and not allow children to play with fireworks without supervision.