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Information from the National Seismological Network (UCR)

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8 km to the northeast of Samara, 15 kilometers deep , 7.6 intensity on the Richter scale. Felt as far away as Nicaragua

Duration of two minutes

Quaking of the subduction of the Cocos plate

170 aftershocks under 5 on the Richter scale as of 3 p.m. Marino Protti, of OVSICORI, indicated: “For what remains of the day and subsequent days it is expected to continue generating aftershocks and could also generate earthquakes in other parts of the country. Aftershocks in general tend to diminish in quantity and size.” 

Protti said that the magnitude was 7.6 and in the zone that they have been studying for the last 15 years. He thinks that this could have been the main event in the rupture zone of Nicoya but can’t confirm this yet. He explained that they thought the big event they expected would have a magnitude between 7.7 and 7.9 on the Richter scale. 

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