Internet Campaign Seeks to Raise Funds for the School in La Esperanza of Nosara

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The school in La Esperanza of Nosara has been pummeled by bad news: theft, legal problems and lack of fundingfrom the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) have been constant for the institution.  However, this situation could change with help from the community.

American Stacy Seebart, who is part of the staff of Bodhi Tree Hotel, along with other residents of Nosara like Shivanter Singh, John Barczak, Steve Mack and Ethel Araya, have launched an Internet campaign to raise funds for the school.

Esperanza School Project is the name of the strategy that aims to unite the community of Nosara to support the school, along with donations.

According to Seebart, they haven’t set a goal yet. However, they intend to raise as much money as possible to buy new land for the school and build it in another spot.

According to the American, anyone interested can deposit funds through the website

Vulnerable School

Currently the La Esperanza School is trapped in a legal mess since, by mistake,the ownership appears registered to a neighbor and not to the school board. Due to this situation, the school can’t receive money from MEP since the ministry can’t spend public funds on a private site.

After the 2012 earthquake, the school’s infrastructure was affected and it doesn’t have a school cafeteria, but neither the National Emergency Commission nor MEP can help them with financial resources due to not being registered in the name of the school board.

In addition to that, in November of 2014, the school was the victim of criminals. According to a report from the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ- Organismo de Investigacion Judicial), thieves broke through the back walls of the computer lab and stole 14 computers, three speakers, a projector, 14 mini cameras for the computers and a camera.

They also broke the chain link fencethat protected the window of the administrative office and stole a Toshiba laptop and an HP laptop, plus ¢80,000 ($150) that was in the drawer.

The Esperanza Creek runs behind the school, and the institution is on the bank of it, so the campaign volunteers feel that it is better to look for another site for the schoolchildren.

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