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Journalist From Repretel TV Impressed by Nosara

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Last Tuesday January 14 the news organization Repretel NC11’s programming included a segment that pays tribute to the beauty of the Nosara area, as the community was chosen as one of the ten best worldwide vacation destinations to visit in 2014 by CNN. In addition, the area was featured by National Geographic as one of the 15 best places in the world. That situation was echoed here in Costa Rica.

“Due to the international recognition, the idea was to show the country the natural beauty and benefits of the area, because we immediately asked ourselves, ‘What’s in Nosara?’” explained Alejandra Araya, a journalist with NC11.

Before making the 360 km trip from San Jose, Araya asked for information about her destination from the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur – Cámara Nacional de Turismo). “But when we arrived in Nosara we were surprised by what we found, because we were prepared to just see a beach, but we found an organized community, mainly by foreigners.”

Araya, along with her news team, explored every corner of Nosara, interviewing biologists, business owners, tourists and residents, falling in love with what they saw all around. “They have a collection center for recycling trash, women can make crafts, they earn income and also learn to speak English. There’s a wildlife refuge where there are monkeys and Macaws, with a program to make it possible to interact with animals that don’t feel like they live in a cage, but rather a forest.”

 “It was impressive to see the mangroves, and to travel in boats with electric motors instead of gas ones. The beach is very clean, with trash cans for different kinds of waste; I hadn’t seen something like that. In addition, they have summer school for children, so that they don’t stop learning,” added Araya.

“Ticos should visit Nosara”

Araya describes Nosara as a world-renowned paradise, something impressive, but counters that, “How is it possible that the government has such a bad highway in this place? There are beautiful hotels where Costa Ricans can stay; the prices are accessible. Maybe the distance from the capital makes it so that the target tourist is selective, but it’s worth the trip to visit Nosara. Here there’s everything, from surfing and yoga to kayaks, etc.”

For his part, the director of NC11, the renowned journalist Alexis Rojas, also shared words about Nosara. “It’s something more than a beach; it can take a while for the trip, but you won’t find what is there in any other part of the country. There aren’t beaches this clean and with as much environmental protection.”

 “I went on vacation to Playa Carrillo; for many years I hadn’t been to that part of the country, and I was able to see how it had developed. I read a lot about Nosara, and people only told me good things, so in taking advantage of the international recognition we were very interested in spreading the word about those positive things,” added Rojas.

The journalist concluded by saying that visiting Nosara is a good investment. “The people, the locals, are always looking for new things that go hand in hand with their pockets, and you have to discover Nosara’s secrets. You have to come for a little trip,” he ended.

You can watch the Spanish video here