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Ministry of Health Does Not Want Dengue in 2014

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The Minister of Health, Dr. Daisy Corrales Diaz, presented the 2014 Integrated Dengue Attention Strategy (Estrategia de Atención Integral del Dengue 2014) to eliminate the mosquito’s breeding grounds and in doing so reduce the risk of dengue.

In addition to reinforcing the active monitoring of cases, vector control through the elimination of dengue breeding grounds and fumigation, the Ministry of Health will form strategic alliances with social organizations, municipalities and companies through the program, “My Community Without Dengue” (Mi comunidad sin Dengue).

The health chief will bring together 42 organizations to generate community participation in areas with the highest risk.

Moreover, health authorities will present a law project to impose fines to those who do not comply with sanitary orders issued by the Ministry of Health for the elimination of dengue breeding grounds in homes and commercial establishments.

Also, in coordination with the Public Works and Transportation Ministry (MOPT – Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes), a law project is being prepared to discuss compacting and recycling unused vehicles that are in poor condition and currently found out in the open state parking lots. That will allow for the elimination of Aedes aegypti breeding grounds on a large scale.