Ministry of Health Shut Down Businesses in Nosara for Not Fulfilling Health Orders and for Expired Permit

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The Ministry of Health ordered the closure of three businesses in the district of Nosara, two of them for not complying with an order and another for having an expired operating permit.
The businesses are Eskina Skate Park, Beach Dog Cafe and Al Chile restaurant.
In the case of the first two businesses, the ministry found that they did not comply with what was indicated in a health order issued a month ago, as reported by Jose Villalobos Gonzalez, spokesman for the ministry’s press department.
In the case of Al Chile restaurant, the operating permit had expired.
The three businesses are located in Guiones Beach and were closed on Tuesday July 7th.
Zinnia Cordero, head of the Nicoya Health Area, explained that in the case of the cafe and the skate park, each establishment was given notification of the health order.
A health order is the administrative act through which the Ministry of Health informs the person concerned of a special resolution to safeguard health and the environment, which the person is obligated to fulfill and should be executed within the period indicated.

Cordero said that “a health order can be anything from lighting failures, not having the license to handle food, complaints due to noise pollution or problems with waste waters.”

Cordero did not specify what the health orders issued were, although Michael Streda, owner of Beach Dog Cafe, told The Voice that his business “was closed due to having live music. We have had live music for over 5 years in this spot. This year we started having music that went a little later. Usually we stop our music at 10 or 10:30, but these nights went till about 12 (midnight).”
Regarding Al Chile restaurant, Cordero said, “Renewing the Health Operating Permit is obligatory when the expiration date thereof is indicated.”
Cordero explained that in the case of those who do not obey the closure and reopen the business, they run the risk of a complaint for contempt of authority, which could lead to receiving other sanctions.
According to the Ministry of Health, it is not possible to determine exactly when the businesses will be restored since the time period of closure will depend on how long the person takes to perform the process of correction and response that is offered by the Ministry of Health in Nicoya.
Rocio Araya, Al Chile administrator, said they don’t have an official reopening date but they hope that the restaurant will be back in business during the week of July 13-17th.
Streda also expects to reopen during the same week as Al Chile.
In the case of Eskina Skate Park, although the skate park is closed, the restaurant is open. 


Editor’s Note: the paper reached out to the Eskina Skate Park for comments but we did not received a response