MOPT and Conavi Promise to Finish Paving 6 Miles Between Garza and Nosara in June of 2019

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The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) and the National Roadway Council promised, once again, to finish paving 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of road between Playa Garza and the Santa Marta crossing along route 160 in Nosara.

The new date for concluding the job is June 2019, according to a public commitment between officials from both institutions and the Nosara Development Association on November 23.

New Director, More Workers and Travel Expenses

Engineer Alonso Mora Arroyo is in charge of the job. He relieved MOPT regional director Carlos Soto and engineer David López Chavarría, who was in charge of the project, according to Edgar Meléndez, head of road and bridge conservation.

We made adjustments (in project management) in order to make the job more efficient,” he said.

Alonso Mora said they now have around ¢7 million ($11,600) from MOPT’s budget for travel expenses. The number of workers also increased to 23 from five.

Conavi Won’t Pay for Defective Material

The Voice of Guanacaste published a story in November stating that the institutions had laid a kilometer (0.6 miles) of defective material along the base. The supplier didn’t provide a material strong enough to handle the weight of vehicles.

The street filled with holes and road construction was halted.

Mora said that Conavi and MOPT haven’t paid Albosa, the company in charge of supplying 25,500 cubic meters for the base of the roadway.

We aren’t going to pay for a material that doesn’t meet requirements, nor accept it,” Mora said. “The contract with Albosa is still binding. They have to provide a better product.”

Albosa engineer Gilberth Salazar confirmed that the company won’t charge for the defective material.

But, by the time this story was published, Albosa hadn’t solved the problem despite MOPT knowing about the issues since June.

What was resolved was the missing 15,000 cubic meters of sub-base that were transferred to the Ruta de la Leche in San Antonio, Nicoya. MOPT already replaced this material and will lay it in the coming weeks.

Currently, MOPT is working on widening the road and doing topographical work to map out the levels of the highway.

Edgar Meléndez said that they expect to sign a new accord between MOPT and Conavi this month in order to guarantee that the job continues.