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MOPT Carries Operations on Guanacaste Roads but Denies Total Closure of Tempisque Bridge

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Neither the La Amistad bridge, nor any other main access road to Guanacaste is closed according to the Ministry of Public Transportation (MOPT).

Several images on Facebook that are also circulating through WhatsApp networks, affirms that “in the face of the negligence of many national tourists arriving in Guanacaste, the Municipality of Nicoya and the MOPT are blocking the way over the Amistad Bridge “

Some of the images used in the fake posts have been on the Internet since at least 2016.

The speaker of the municipality of Nicoya, César Blanco, denied the claim and recalled that such an action cannot be ordered by the local government.

We don’t have that power. It is false information. I repeat, it is not our duty and we do not have the autonomy to process any type of closure of any national highway, ”said Blanco.

Marietta Espinosa, in charge of MOPT’s Public Relations, added that the institution is not considering taking any additional restriction measures for Guanacaste besides the ones the Government has already announced for the entire country.

For Easter, the government reinforced the vehicle restriction nationwide. The new restrictions began on Friday, April 3 and are divided into two blocks: from Friday 3 and until Tuesday April 7; and later stronger ones, from Wednesday, April 8, (Holy Wednesday) to Sunday, April 12 (Easter Sunday).

Of course, despite the fact that there are no total closings, the traffic patrol and the police do carry out road operations to ensure that those who transit the roads do comply with the measures in force. On the morning of this Sunday, April 5, for example, traffic authorities maintained an operation in San Juan de Abangares.

Stay home

At a daily press conference this Sunday, April 5, Health authorities reiterated the need to reinforce social distance and isolation to contain the spread of the COVID19 virus in the country.

The president of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), Román Macaya, reminded citizens that when there are people who are disrespecting health orders, “the rest of the population can report to the Public Force in order to sanction them.”

Nationally, there are 454 confirmed cases, 26 of them hospitalized. In Guanacaste, the number of people with COVID-19 amounts to 13.

Don’t see this as a normal Easter. This is not the time to socialize outside the home. Stay home with your family. Do not leave your house unless it necessary ”, concluded Macaya.