Nicoya ADIN Project Aims to Centralize Services in One Building

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How nice it would be to have a place where people can take care of several procedures at the same time! At least that’s the idea that the Nicoya Integral Development Association (ADIN) is promoting with the construction of a building that will house different public offices with the objective of centralizing some services.

The Nicoya ADIN has support from the Cantonal Union of Local Governments and the National Administration of Community Development (DINADECO), which is the entity responsible for approving the project.

The project will be developed on the site of the old community hall building and Radio Cultural in the Santa Lucia neighborhood, in a space of 452 square meters and will cost about ¢300 million (about $562,850).

Karla Espinoza, DINADECO developer, said it is possible that the project could be approved within three months.

“This project was presented five years ago, but because the engineer who was handling the paperwork died, the association has to process new paperwork, but it is already pretty advanced. For now, it is in the process of rectification (amendment of errors and finalizing some requirements). Then it would go before the DINADECO council for approval and we hope it will be ready within three months,” Espinoza explained.

The building would be three floors and the first phase would include construction of the DINADECO offices, Radio Cultural studios, ADIN administrative offices, a photocopying service center, a boardroom and events hall for different organizations.

During the second phase, they would build offices to rent to different public institutions that do not have their own building in Nicoya, such as IMAS, the Water and Sewer institute (AyA), PANI and the Ministry of Public Education. The idea is to establish an agreement with institutions to facilitate some public services.

Reina Isabel Alvarado, president of the Nicoya ADIN, affirmed that this project will benefit the development of the canton.

“It’s a good project that we hope is going to contribute to the development of the canton. The idea is to make new offices so the association can work more comfortably, and the radio and DINADECO and other institutions likewise, in addition to providing better service to our members and to the community,” Alvarado said.