Nicoya Gives Music Courses to Youths With Disabilities

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The Ministry of Culture and Youth (Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud), through the National System of Music Education (Sistema Nacional de Educación Musical), is promoting a music program in which the stars are disabled.

This program is called Música con Accesibilidad Para Todos (Music With Accessibility For All) and gives the physically challenged population the possibility of a musical education according to their needs. It develops rhythmic-listening skills and later dexterity needed for instrumental performance among a population that should not be invisible but rather integrated.

Elizabeth Lobo, mother of Diana Arnaes, a student of the program, tells us that, “Diana has been coming for three years of piano lessons and music has helped her a lot. It relaxes her and gives discipline to her life. For her, music is everything and since childhood she was interested in the piano. The principal and teachers have a great understanding of the disabled and have fought for and given their support so that children with disabilities have the same advantages as any other child.”

Nicoya is the only place in Guanacaste where this program operates and it is headed by professors Yesse Elizondo Guzmán and Juan Carlos Mora. They teach classes on Thursdays at 2:00 PM with twelve students.

Music with Accessibility For All is a tool for artistic development through music, but undoubtedly has a positive impact on motor coordination, language development, behavior management and social skills, among others.

Under this framework they are seeking the development of projects in hospitals, orphanages, indigenous communities, and youth rehabilitation centers, among others.