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Nicoya Municipality May Approve Dry Law for Election Day

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The municipality of Nicoya is evaluating the possibility of prohibiting the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages on Election Day, this Sunday, February 2.

The measure was discussed in the municipal session last Monday, January 20, during which the mayor and council members explained their position regarding the consequences of regulating the activity during polling.

The council members who voted in favor of the restriction were Ana Lizeth Espinoza, Carlos Medina and Juan Luis Aguirre.

Currently, Article 26 of the liquor law permits each municipality to regulate alcoholic beverage sales and consumption in the canton during days of civic acts, and to determine which areas covered.

Juan Edwin Yockchen, a municipal council member, explained that, “Restricting the sale of alcohol during elections would increase illegal liquor sales.” Regardless, Yockchen thinks that one possibility could be the restriction for a period of time that would allow for the regular sale of alcohol, for example, after 4 p.m. on February 2.

Similarly, Marcos Jimenez, municipal mayor, believes that, “To restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages encourages illegality, which damages our economy.” In addition, Jimenez mentioned that during the last Holy Week, when dry laws did not apply, the citizens and tourists acted responsibly and there were no larger problems in the canton.

For her part Ana LizethEspinoz, president of the Municipal Council, explained that the agreement will not be final until it is approved in the next municipal session.

Espinoza is also willing to consider the option to set a time period for the restriction during the elections.