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No More Improvised Running with the Bulls During Bull Riding in Nosara

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For the next Nosara fiestas, the Development Association decided to give priority to security during the bull riding events and rented a bull ring that is very different from the familiar style.

The metal structure, which has a capacity of 4,000 properly-seated people, is attention grabbing due to its large size and impenetrability, since it is impossible to see what happens in the arena from the outside. The great height also prevents someone intrepid from jumping the fence since it is more than 10 meters high, and its perfect circular shape allows all 4,000 spectators to watch the show from the same angle.

According to Marcos Avila, president of the association, the decision to rent the arena was made in part for economic reasons, but above all for the safety it provides, and to free themselves of some of the “great responsibility” that comes with organizing bull riding.

Among the most important changes is that, for the first time, no spectator will be able to have access to the arena. Only those in charge of handling the beast and a maximum of 10 duly authorized people will be permitted in the bull grounds during each run. But there will be a group of bull fighters called “the bullfighter family,” who will be in charge of entertaining people by playing with the bull.

In general, the traditional bull riding events will not be as typical as some prefer, but they will be safer, and although it can be said that everyone runs their own risk of being attacked by the bull, the fact is that if an accident happens in which someone gets hurt or eventually dies, it is the development association that must legally answer for any fatality, and that is precisely what Avila wants to avoid.

From an economic point of view, Avila said that rebuilding, moving and installing the old wooden bull ring on the new site or fairground would have a cost of about 13 million colones (about $24,500) since it is badly damaged. In contrast, the new structure will involve an expenditure of 7 million colones ($13,200).