Playa Carrillo Will Have Five-Star Hotel

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A luxury hotel is being built in Playa Carrillo, which would boost tourism in the area. The hotel, the name of which has not yet been decided, will have a structure of 5,000 square meters (16,400 square feet) and will house 50 fully equipped rooms with five star standards. In addition, it will have a massage room, pool and restaurant and is located behind the estuary just 100 meters from the beach, allowing the rooms to have ocean views.

The work is an initiative of Puntarenas businessman Arnoldo Beeche and represents an investment of more than ¢ 2,600 million ($4.9 million). Beeche is also the owner of the hotel El Establo, located in Monteverde, Puntarenas.

The project will create 60 direct jobs, most of which will be filled by people from the area. Among the positions for which they will be hiring are customer service representatives, gardeners, receptionists, general staff, chef and others.

Beeche explained that the objective is to contribute to the development of tourism in Playa Carrillo.

“This beach has great potential but it has not yet been able to be developed. The idea with this project is to be able to contribute to this development,” the businessman commented.

Construction work of the complex broke ground in early January and the hotel is expected to be inaugurated in November.

According to the mayor of Hojancha, Eduardo Pineda, the hotel has all of the necessary building permits.

“This work was subjected to all of the legal processes and finally succeeded in fulfilling all of the requirements asked by the Tourism Institute, the Ministry of Environment, Health and the maritime land zone law. It is a project that [complies] with all of the law,” the mayor assured.

Furthermore, according to the syndic for the district of Playa Carrillo, Jacinto Cortes, the hotel construction is subjected to a concession modality so it must comply with the regulations established in the maritime land zone law, ZMT number 6043.

Pineda also pointed out that a project of this magnitude boosts tourism activity, which has been lagging a little in the canton.

“This project will change the direction for tourism, which was depressed in the Carrillo area, even though it is a very beautiful beach; it lacks entrepreneurs and investors determined to invest here,” Pineda commented.

Robert Gordon, who has owned the property next to the future hotel since 1995, thinks it is a great opportunity for the town. “It will keep the town alive after seven years of a crisis that killed tourism here,” he added.

Carmen Diaz, who sells granizados (snow cones) on the beach, believes that the hotel will be a solution to unemployment in the community.

“I don’t mind the construction because there was a hotel there before. I think it is good because it is a source of work. The company Panamerican recently made cuts and got rid of a lot of laborers who are unemployed,” Diaz said.