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Preventive Prison for Man Arrested for Robbery in Playa Guiones

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A man by the last name of Moreno has to serve three months of preventive prison on charges of aggravated robbery, after he entered an apartment in Guiones Beach on January 7th to try to steal from a foreigner.

Luis Navarro, a Tourist Police officer in Guiones, related that Moreno pulled out a knife.

“This person took advantage of when there were no people in the apartment to force the door and gained entry. At the moment when he was about to open a safe, the apartment’s tenant arrived and when [the tenant] attempted to prevent the theft, there was a struggle and, possibly to intimidate the victim, Moreno pulled out a knife but ultimately failed to hurt the victim,” Navarro said.

Navarro confirmed that the victim is a foreigner by the last name of Erb, who rented an apartment there, while the alleged offender is a resident of La Esperanza South of Nosara.

The press department of the District Attorney’s Office specified that Moreno will be serving three months in prison while the case is being processed. “The assistant district attorney of Nicoya reported that a man by the last name of Moreno is serving three months of preventive prison for the crime of aggravated robbery committed against a foreigner. The case is under investigation in the preparatory stage (collection and analysis of evidence),” the report said.

The Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ- Organismo de Investigacion Judicial) is investigating the damages incurred, what was stolen and other evidence.