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Prosecutor’s Office refutes what PUSC’s candidate for mayor of Tilarán said: There was an arrest warrant for Greven Miranda for domestic violence

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

The Cañas Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it did issue an arrest warrant for Greven Miranda Corrales for alleged domestic violence. Until last Sunday, February 4, Miranda was a candidate for mayor of Tilarán for the Christian Social Unity Party (Spanish acronym: PUSC).

The weekend before the elections, information circulated on social networks that there was an arrest warrant for Miranda after an alleged case of violence.

On Monday, January 29, the candidate posted a statement on social networks in which he claimed that “such an arrest warrant never existed, nor exists.”

On Sunday, January 28, The Voice of Guanacaste consulted the Public Ministry Press Department to find out if the arrest warrant existed.

On Monday, February 5, they specified that “the Cañas Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that it issued an arrest warrant for Miranda Corrales; however, before it took effect, the accused showed up at the Prosecutor’s Office, where the investigation statement was taken and then precautionary measures other than prison were requested, including not disturbing the victim. ”

They also added that the investigation into domestic violence continues underway.

When asked by The Voice on Thursday, February 8, Miranda again denied the existence of the arrest warrant and insisted that the only thing he knows is that precautionary measures were imposed.

“I went to the Prosecutor’s Office to appear in person and I have in my possession a document of the measures that they issued me in the Prosecutor’s Office that same day and at no time does it say arrest warrant,” he said.

However, they are different procedures.

The arrest warrant is issued by the Public Ministry when it requires the presence of an accused person, either to let them know that they are being investigated and what the evidence is against them, as well as to request precautionary measures against them.

It’s an official document issued by a prosecutor that the Judicial Investigation Agency (Spanish acronym: OIJ) carries out. It’s regulated under article 237 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPP).

Precautionary measures are judicial guidelines that are established with a person to continue with the investigation of denounced incidents in effect. They are regulated under articles 238 to 244 of the CPP and are issued when risks exist in the investigation process.

In the election results on Sunday, February 4, the National Liberation Party (Spanish acronym: PLN) beat Miranda by only 121 votes, according to the tentative results from the Supreme Election Court (Spanish acronym: TSE).