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Public Force Arrests One Person Every Hour in Guanacaste

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During the 365 days of 2015, police officers from the Public Force in Guanacaste arrested one person every hour due to being linked to some crime.

This was announced on Wednesday, January 13th by the analysis and statistics division of the regional administration of the Public Force in Guanacaste.

In total, the Public Force recorded the work of apprehending 10,617 people, which is an average of 29 people apprehended per day.

According to the police, 628 people were arrested for property crimes and 236 more for crimes against life.

As for people arrested related to the sale, distribution and storage of drugs, the figure is 6,056 people.

In relation to domestic violence and violence against women, the Public Force captured 1,766 people.

Added to this were 167 people for violating the Arms and Explosives Law and 116 due to the Liquor Law.

The Public Force reported that the cantons where more arrests were made were Nicoya with 2,398 people, followed by Liberia (2,176), Carrillo (1,247), Santa Cruz (1,064) and Cañas (757).

The authorities reported that they will continue to conduct police operations as well as studying heat maps to identify areas of higher crime rates and addressing them strategically, all in order to provide the security that citizens deserve.