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Reader’s Opinion: “Operation Horse Blood”

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Dear Editor,


I am appalled to read about the slaughter of 15 horses that were rounded up in Samara April 17. For a moment, I thought I was in a different country where killing is the answer, even if they involve people in foreign lands; and not Costa Rica that is known for living peacefully with nature and its various creatures.


Dr. Esquivel of SENASA said the horses were killed because “they cause accidents and they defecate on the beaches, thus endangering public health”. This is nonsense. Using this logic, are they now going to slaughter the following who also endanger the public health?


1. Dogs, because they defecate on the beaches.

2. People, because they defecate on the beaches.

3. Little children, who sometimes run into the street and traffic.

4. Motorists talking on the phone, texting, eating, drinking while speeding along the many curves on the road.

5. Monkeys spraying their urine and defecating where they like.

6. Birds who have not learnt to go to the bathroom.


It appears some people were simply bloodthirsty and the poor horses became their unwitting victims. 


The money spent on this “Operation Horse Blood” could have been better redirected towards ways to live in harmony with these magnificent, gentle creatures; such as posting road signs about slowing down for horses (how fast do you need to drive in little Samara anyway? It’s not like Carretera No 27 to Jaco for heavens’ sakes), clearing the beach, building a shelter, etc. 


Instead of looking for ways to live in harmony with nature, they jumped to the monstrous action of slaughter; that makes them nothing better than the shark fin “fishermen”, ivory and rhino horn “hunters” and other enemies of nature who have no qualms about taking a life.