Rebuilding Lives Has Started Since the Earthquake

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With government help and donations from the community, Jeniffer Ramirez and her husband, Freddy Brenes Chaves started to rebuild their home this past Wednesday April 10.

In the next month, the family hopes to fix the principal walls, sides, two inside walls and the front wall that were heavily damaged during the 7. 6 earthquake on September 5.

Currently, the family lives in a nearby home that they rented for a month.

Apart from the money and material donations from the local business like the hardware store Materiales de Construccion Nosara, Harmony Hotel, Surfing Nosara and Café De Paris, the family will be receiving $6000 government aid. So far they have received the first half of it, which they put in to the rebuilding walls.

Jeniffer Ramirez said she is “grateful for the money given by the municipality. Same with the people of the town who help us.”

Her husband, Freddy Brenes Chaves added “thanks to the materials that we previously bought with donations (from the community) we can begin to work on our House. With only 3 million colones is a little difficult, but they are very helpful. (We want to) thank the institution that gives it”.

Apart from the second half of the government help, the family still needs $3000-4000 to finish fixing the house. With what they have so far, they will be able to fix almost 90% . However, the family still needs to work on the floor to make their home fully safe to live in again.

All seven families from Nosara that were severely affected by the earthquake plan on meeting next Friday, April 19, to discuss whether they can organize a dance to raise more money for the families or not.

Freddy said “little by little, the money we need to finish our home comes together. With a lot of work and with the help of many people who have been very supportive of us.”