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Red Cross Warns of Undercurrents in the Pacific After Drowning in Playa Rosada in Nosara

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On September 21, the Nosara Red Cross found the dead body of a 55-year-old tourist with the last names Ruiz Sanchez, who was surfing in Playa Rosada (Pink Beach).

After the death of the visitor, the national chief of the Red Cross Acquatic Unit, Juan Carlos Salas, explained that tourists should be careful with undercurrents, which are common in the Pacific at this time of year.

These currents have the trait of going back from the coast towards the sea, pulling swimmers towards the center.

How can these undercurrents be detected? They are usually distinguished by having a darker color than the rest of the ocean. Sometimes they make the ocean look sandy and a little more brown. In addition, the waves create more foam than normal.

Salas explained that, in most cases, the people who drown tend to be tourists since they do not know the characteristics of the ocean, so it is always recommended to ask the locals about the ocean’s behavior.

In addition, the chief pointed out that people should never swim or surf alone, since the possibility of being rescued is much slower.

According to the expert, the beaches of Nosara are not dangerous and do not have as many water accidents as others like Jaco, but it is always better to be on the alert.

According to Red Cross data, nine people drowned nationwide during the month of August.