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Robbery at Samara Bar Turns into Assault

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On December 1, three hooded men held up Vista Verde Bar and Restaurant in Samara and got away with about 1.2 million colones ($2400) as well as seven liters of various types of liquor.

Pedro Chavarria Camacho, the bar’s administrator, related that the bar was busy that night but the thieves must have hidden nearby, waiting for the place to clear out. At around 11:40 p.m., when there were no more clients present, they entered the establishment masked and armed.

They threw Chavarria to the floor and shot him at close range, twice in the head and once in the side of his back. He was taken to the hospital in Nicoya and later transferred to Liberia for a CAT scan. Because the bullets lodged within his cranium, Chavarria said they were not removed. He was released from the hospital two days later, his wounds are healing and he is back to work.

A Nicaraguan woman who was working at Vista Verde was also assaulted. Her arm was broken when she was thrown against a fence and tumbled down an incline behind the bar. Chavarria said the woman was in the hospital for one day before she was released and has since returned to Nicaragua. 

Chavarria said they were unable to identify the thieves, who left no indications behind, but the case is being investigated by the investigative judicial police (OIJ).