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Samara Residents are Looking for Missing Woman

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Samara residents are currently looking for a missing woman who has being missing for almost three weeks.

Dana Colligan, U.S citizen, is a small woman with brown hair in her early 40’s and has lived in Samara for three and a half years. Colligan is best known for her natural product line sold around Samara and Nosara called “LaPura LoCura”.

According to Louise Tangri, who is helping Colligan’s best friend Marina Melachrinos with her search, “She (Colligan) leaves in the house that a friend of mine manages with 3 or 4 apartments. Last week a friend finally decided to enter the apartment and everything is there, food going bad in the fridge, her contact lenses, glasses all of her personal effects so we know she was not planning on going anywhere”

Tangri and other locals are looking into working with tracking dogs from a trainer in Nosara and also checking for family members although Colligan was  “a bit of a loner,” said Tangri.

They have advised the US Consulate and the Organismo de Investigacion Judicial (OIJ-Court Police) but so far there is no news.

They are asking to call the OIJ in Nicoya 2685-5328 to give information.