Santa Cruz Market’s Roof Collapses After Recent Repair

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Less than a year after repairs were made to the roof of the Santa Cruz Municipal Market, it already has ceiling boards that have broken loose, which causes holes in the structure.

According to Diego Rodriguez, municipal engineer in charge of the project, the market received an injection of almost ¢18 million ($34,000) in October of 2014, when the roof was fixed and three new kiosks were built.

Rodriguez explained that in January of 2015, the strong winds that hit the country brought down the ceiling boards. However, the contractor, Eliezer Vallejos, repaired the damage. One month later, the boards fell again.

“We determined that it was not attributable to the contractor but rather the design since the winds that occur there don’t permit this system of boards. We put this same system in the child care network [building] and it has not created problems,” the engineer said.

Shirleny Molina, coordinator of the market, has the opposite opinion. She believes that the work was not performed as it should have been.

“In my eyes and without technical criteria, I feel that the work was not done right. It seems to me that these tablets that came loose lacked support. Truthfully, I think it’s a shame that things like this happen because thiscan be seen by everyone,” Molina commented.

Rodriguez stated that a report on additional contracting to repair the damages will be sent to the Municipality’s procurement department in early August, which could cost an estimated ¢600,000 ($1,130).

The drop ceiling panels of the Santa Cruz bus terminal that are part of the market create holes where doves get in and defecate.