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Six Boats with Hundreds of Sea Cucumbers Found at Playa Guiones

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In addition to the typical December tamales, seafood is one of the most valued seasonal foods during the year-end season.

For that reason the fishing of certain species is increasing and those such as conch and sea cucumbers are covertly harvested, despite being protected by law.

This past Sunday, November 24, volunteers from the Red Cruz’s regional marine group, while carrying out diving practice, found six boats transporting hundreds of sea cucumbers in barrels.

Later, the subjects proceeded to cook the product on the island located in front of Playa Guiones, according to Carlos Villalobos, chief of Nosara’s Red Cross, who immediately reported the situation to authorities.

According to Villalobos, the subjects came from the area north of Cuajiniquil de La Cruz and one of the boats didn’t have identification.

For his part, Antonio Peña, chief of the INCOPESCA (Costa Rica Fishing) office in Nicoya, confirmed that he knew of the case and explained that the fisherman sell these products at the border with Nicaragua, due to the belief that they have aphrodisiac effects for those who eat them.

Moreover, Peña said that they have been carrying out operations on land and sea, working with the coastguard and other authorities.

Alberto Alvarez Garcia, inspector of the INCOPESCA office in Playa del Coco, reported that they have carried out similar operations from Flamingo to Guiones and that on Wednesday, December 4, they intercepted a boat that came from Cuajiniquil at around 5 a.m., and that even though they did not find any merchandise, they detained one of its crew members, as it appeared they had a pending lawsuit.

“Many of the fisherman of the La Cruz area come to fish during this season in places like Nosara and Flamingo because many marine species leave (La Cruz) due to the colder water,” he mentioned.

Both INCOPESCA employees agree that, despite having limited resources, through means of operations they will be able to continue intercepting illegal fishermen and halt the coll