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Soda Maria’s: a Practical Option for Workers

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Soda Maria’s is located on the southeast corner of Recaredo Briceño Park. The old Rodrigo Chan warehouse has been converted into a soda now, offering a wide variety of foods for all to enjoy.

The buffet is a practical option for workers with limited time on their lunch break. Servings cost just ₡600 ($1.20) each. Typical offerings include rice, beans, green or cold salads, mashed potatoes, yucca, vegetables, pork ribs, chicken served in a tomato sauce, steak and pork chops.

The restaurant’s a la carte menu is extensive, and of course the traditional casado is available for ₡2,000 ($3.75). Diners can also order jalapeño tenderloin fajitas for ₡4,000 ($7.50), barbecue ribs for ₡3,800 ($7) or chicken cordon bleu – a chicken or pork roll filled with ham and white cheese –with a white sauce for ₡4,000 ($7.50).

There are rice dishes for all tastes, with seafood, shrimp, pork or vegetables, ranging in price from ₡2,000 to ₡3,500 ($3.75 to $6.50). Pasta dishes are also available and cost ₡3,500 ($6.50), including carbonara, lasagna, bolognese or pasta served with shrimp.

If that’s not enough, those looking for something lighter or less expensive can try the fast foods, such as beef or chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, nachos, tacos or hot dogs, with prices between ₡1,500 and ₡2,000 ($2.80 to $3.75).

Open every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Telephone: 2685-4531