Ten Recommendations for Vacationing in “The Other Guanacaste”

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If you are one of the fortunate ones that has vacation this holiday season, we offer a very easy guide for you to plan your days off and enjoy the the Guanacaste destinations that don’t appear in the travel pages.

1. Guanacaste under the sea. The province is the ideal place to practice diving because of the close proximity of its beaches and its crystalline waters. We went to the beaches of Playas del Coco and in this link we provide you with the details.

2.See Diriá.  Many are known for their scenic beauty and peculiarities, but there is one that goes unnoticed by many: Diriá National Park. Here you can read more about this beautiful place.

3. Where to camp? There are several options that will allow you to be in extreme contact with nature in a simple, comfortable environment. Here you will find five of our recommendations.

4. Cerro Pelado (Pelado Peak). Have you ever felt that something is so majestic that it leaves you speechless? If your answer is no or you want to have that feeling again, Pelado Peak awaits you.

5. Viento Fresco Waterfalls. This is a complete attraction where everyone decides how they enjoy it. If you want to do exercise, the up and down hill climbs will remind you of every tendon in your body. If you want to enjoy it with a more relaxed plan, you can go down to the first waterfall and see the streams of water fall while you have a picnic. In this link you will find more information.

6. Playa Naranjo Beach. The dry, tropical forest at Santa Rosa National Park has a paved vein that crosses through it clear to Playa Naranjo, one of the the last beaches in the province where you can do a 360 turn and not see a single sign of construction or buildings. Does that sound interesting? Here are the details.

7. El Salto del Calvo Waterfall. When you arrive at the high point of Monte Romo, among the hills of Hojancha is where El Salto del Calvo Waterfall hides. It’s one of the most important spots that the Guanacaste province is home to and the highest waterfall in Central America. In this story you will find everything you need to know in order to go.

8. Calle Real. A street in the heart of Liberia is one of Costa Rica’s few architectural sites where adobe buildings still survive and tell stories. Can’t imagine it? You can see photos of it in this link.

9. Matambú. What does an indigenous reserve look like on the inside? A tour of Matambú soaks us in Chorotega culture. We took one and here we tell you what we experienced.

La elaboración de cerámicas es uno de los atractivos que ofrece Matambú a los turistas. Debido al cierre del turismo idearon una nueva forma de seguir compartiendo su legado chorotega.

10. Playa Garza Beach. In Nosara, many people opt for the fame of Playa Guiones beach, but even in peak tourist season Garza is never has a lot of visitors, so your trip won’t be full of noise and people. In this story we give you 11 reasons to visit it.

Centro electoral Garza