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The “Super Classic” Will Be Held in Liberia in the Edgardo Baltodano Stadium

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On Monday, May 30, council members unanimously approved hosting the “Super Classic” game between the Saprissa athletic team and La Liga athletic team from Alajuela in Liberia.

The date of the event is yet to be confirmed. The two possibilities are Saturday, July 9 at 8 p.m. or Sunday, July 10 at 12 p.m.

“This event will be put on by the Extreme Family Entertainment company, which will be responsible for all matters relating to the administration of the game, with the Cantonal Sports and Recreation Committee (CCDR- Comité Cantonal de Deportes y Recreación) of Liberia facilitating the stadium installations,” the mayor read from a note sent by Federico Jimenez, one of the representatives of the company.

In addition, Jimenez said, “There is one game that is played between La Liga and Saprissa during this championship change period, which has always been played in San Jose, so leveraging that we have a stadium that we are reinforcing now, we want to take advantage of it so this game comes here to be played.”

Jimenez affirmed that the advantage of holding the game in Liberia is that they think 10,000 people will come, who are going to spend resources in the city and generate income for businesses.

“As for capacity, yes, it is a little limited and therefore we need to set up additional bleachers, which is nothing new. It has been done in the stadiums,” he added.

The producer of the event, Renger Infante, said that the game will be broadcast live by two national television stations, Channel 6 and Channel 7.

The vice president of the Council, Gina Rivera, asked the organizers to protect the trees that were planted recently and to ensure that there is sufficient garbage collection.

Jimenez affirmed that “an agreement was made with the sports committee, in which the company takes on the risk of the box office, and CCDR takes charge of food and beverage sales within the premises.”