The Voice of Guanacaste Organizes Photo Expo and Entrepreneur Fair in El Estribo, Nicoya

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You have probably said to yourself on many occasions, ‘I want to go out tonight and do something different in Nicoya!’ That’s why The Voice of Guanacaste is organizing an activity that includes art, startups, and the essence of the Guanacaste province.

The expo will be held on Wednesday, May 23 starting at 6:30 pm at the El Estribo bar and restaurant in Santa Lucia, Nicoya.

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The photo display is called “Identity” because it seeks to reflect Guanacastecan idiosyncrasies through a selection of The Voice of Guanacaste’s best photos of the last few years.

Attendees will be able to purchase photos at the expo. The Voice of Guanacaste sustains itself thanks to these sales and donations so that it can continue informing communities in the province.

These pieces have already traveled to expos in Nosara, Tamarindo and Playas del Coco. This is the fourth time that The Voice has joined local businesses in order to host Identity.

“We think it’s necessary to promote cultural activities in Nicoya, above all those that rescue our identity as a province,” said El Estribo co-owner Julio Briceño. “We also take advantage of these events to unite companies and display the products of the zone’s entrepreneurs.”

And the fair?

In addition to the expo, the event will have the participation of five Guanacastecan startups that will offer their products.

Among them will the bread and cookies of Cárdenas Nutrición, honey and pollen from Chepe Miel, soaps and lotions made by Dassah, La Nicoyana chile jars and Coopecerroazul coffee.

According to The Voice’s product manager Roberto Acuña, the idea is to use the newspaper’s platform to support local businesses.

“Part of our mission as a media outlet is to promote the development of communities and we believe this is the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to have a space where they can showcase their products and for attendees to generate an identity with Guanacastecan products,” Acuña explained

Those in attendance at the activity will enjoy a free cocktail courtesy of El Estribo. The restaurant will also be open throughout the night.