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Thieves Rob Los Angeles de Nosara School – Even the Notebooks

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In less than a month, another Nosara school has become the victim of crime; this time it was the Los Angeles School that lost everything.

According to the school’s director, Alan Ruiz Baltodano, the robbery occurred on the night of Thursday, December 4. However, it wasn’t until Friday morning that the crime was discovered.

Ruiz explained that the thieves cut the latch that protected the institution’s only room and removed an HP laptop computer, a projector with its accessories and ¢100,000 ($187.30) belonging to the school’s board of directors.

“What a terrible situation; I’ve fought so much to have the things we do – to see them taken. In 2006 we didn’t even have a school and it’s taken hard work to have our own tools,” said Ruiz.

The thieves also took some 25 notebooks the school had on hand for next year, an emergency medical kit with all its medicines and ten gifts for the year-end children’s party.

Schools in Sight

This is the second case of a school robbery in Nosara in less than a month. On November 28, a substantial theft was reported at the school in La Esperanza at 6 a.m.

In response to the problem, Public Force Nosara District Chief Gerardo Aguilar explained that an investigation is underway in coordination with the Judicial Investigation Body (OIJ – Organismo de Investigacion Judicial).

“At this time we are coordinating the investigation with the OIJ, as a Columbian gang from the Tamarindo area is suspected [to be involved],” said Aguilar.

The chief also acknowledged that the police lack sufficient personnel to guard schools and their surroundings.