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Tourists and Holiday Vacationers Will Be Well Looked After in Nicoya Canton

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With the arrival of tourists, vacation time and the payment of year-end holiday bonuses in the month of December, the actions of the Nicoya police force will be more intense to safeguard the security of Ticos and foreigners visiting the peninsula.

According to the Nicoya Police there will reinforcements of personnel, patrol vehicles and motorcycles in downtown Nicoya, Samara and Nosara.

Downtown Nicoya will have a reinforcement of 20 officers per shift, three patrol vehicles and 10 on motorcycle. As for Nosara and Samara, police officers did not specify the amount but said they will receive the necessary reinforcements.

Red Cross Ready for Summer Season

For the third consecutive year, the Red Cross will also add to efforts this December, when traffic and water accidents increase. Therefore, beginning on the 1st, they will set up some street and beach posts.

In Samara Beach, a fixed post will be located next to the Fuerza Publica police station, with a first aid assistant, a medical emergency technician and collaboration from the advanced aquatic unit, which has the ability to mobilize along the coast in boats and launches.

For Nosara, a fixed post won’t be set up since that community has its own Red Cross committee, but they will be able to count on aquatic patrol units, which also belong to the Red Cross.

For Carrillo Beach, the Red Cross will have a fixed post but with a set schedule, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The post will include a mobile unit, three lifeguards and support from the aquatic unit.