Vice Presidential Candidate Ana Elena Chacon Visits Nosara

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Franklin Corella, congressman-elect for Alajuela of the Citizen’s Action Party (PAC – Partido Acción Ciudadana), will be the representative who will take care of Guanacaste’s priorities during the next administration. That statement was made by Ana Elena Chacon, PAC’s vice presidential candidate, during her March 14 visit to Nosara.

The candidate was received by a large group of the party’s followers, who met at Restaurante La Casona at 9 p.m.

The group of followers took advantage of the visit, as it is almost certain that she will be vice president of the country, to present her with three requests and explain the most urgent necessities in the district: the highway, health services and the water system’s crisis.

Chacon was clear in saying that there will be no false promises and that she will be able to do something when she begins her term and can review the fiscal situation, in order to set the course for her administration.

The visit had a proselytizing feel. PAC knows it had very little support in Guanacaste, which is why they are travelling through the province to ask residents to go out and vote.

Abstention is currently her main opponent; an alarming 37% of the 870,000 Costa Ricans who did not vote on the February 2 election are from this province. Chacon stated that she does not trust members of the National Liberation Party (PLN – Partido Liberación Nacional), as she knows them well and understands that they will not give up. “We haven’t won anything; your vote is crucial on April 6.”

Chacon also said that a probable PAC government would be a change for the country, because they are, “…absolutely honest and transparent,” people who left their old parties, PLN and PUSC, for “ethical” reasons. During their administration, they will go, “…where the people and their needs are.”