What Was Said in the Municipal Council…

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The debate surrounding the purchase of land for Nicoya’s new cemetery is still a contentious subject, with several members of the Municipal Council continuing to oppose each other.

This Monday, March 31, the councilors were informed of the choice made by the Procurement Department and the Comptroller General of the Republic, in order for the land, owned by Mario Rojas Huertas, to become the new cemetery.

The land is located in the Las Brisas del Cerro neighborhood and has a value of ₡216 million ($532,000).

Nevertheless, two of the five council members expressed that, before approving the purchase of the property, the case should be thoroughly analyzed and the municipality’s legal requirements understood.

Ana Lizeth Espinoza, president of the council, explained that she has never read the file for the selected property and said that, “I am going to request it to understand the technical and legal requirements.”

Councilman Carlos Medina also said that, before moving forward, he needs to see the file and all pertinent information.

In response to Medina’s statements, councilman Juan Edwin Yockchen and Rodolfo Orozco expressed uneasiness, saying that Medina and Espinoza do not want to approve the purchase of the cemetery.

Yockchen went so far as to point out that Medina is to blame Nicoya’s current lack of a cemetery and dump, saying, “It would be better if he went home, as he is always standing in the way of progress,” as on repeated occasions he has been opposed to approving projects.

Ana Lizeth Espinoza rejected Yockchen’s statements, as she believes they showed a lack of respect to Medina.

For her part, Ariana Espinoza Montana, responding to a request from Juan Luis Aguirre, presented details relating to the request that the municipal Procurement Department is making of the council. “The Procurement Department has made two requests of the council – that they authorize the mayor (Marco Jimenez) to sign on behalf of the municipality to formalize the public deed and for the acquisition of the land,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ana Lizeth Espinoze affirmed that, “I have the right as a council member to see the file, and as of today I still haven’t seen it. Because of my job, I can’t stay here (at the municipality).”

The municipal president explained that if the land fulfills all of the requirements and has the legal permits necessary, she would vote in favor of the purchase. The vote concerning the project was moved to next week.

40 million for Care Network

Afterwards, Leslie Marchena, an official from the Office for Women, requested that the council approve ₡40 million ($80,000) included in the 2014 budget, enabling the Comptroller to make the corresponding approval, which would cover improvements to the Care Network building in Nicoya.

The funds would be used to build three new rooms on the building’s second floor, which is located in the Guadalupe neighborhood, as well as improving its drainage systems.

Currently, 51 children benefit from the Care Network and with the construction of the new rooms, the number would increase to around 126. The councilors approved the request.