2500 Policemen Will Watch Over Tourists During Mid-Year Holidays

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The mid-year holidays have started, and from June 28th until July 14th the Public Force will intensify its security efforts around the country. To that end, they will have 2,500 officers on duty.

In Nicoya, the police will coordinate operations in the areas of greatest risk, specifically those with tourist attractions such as Samara, Guiones, Carrillo and Nosara.

Juan José Andrade, head of the National Police Department, said that in addition to watching tourist destinations, they will also be looking after the Costa Rican communities and households.

In addition, Andrade explained that Air Surveillance and the National Guard will be part of joint actions to provide security for tourists.

For his part, Omar Chavarria, chief of police in Nicoya, said that they are enhancing surveillance in the places most frequented by vacationers to prevent crimes ranging from theft to bearing arms and trafficking drugs.

According to the regional office of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), every two days a home is robbed in the Canton of Nicoya.

The report also noted that houses in coastal areas are favored by thieves and most foreign tourists do not report the crimes.

That is why Chavarria warns of the importance of not neglecting your belongings since most crimes reported during this holiday break are thefts, in most cases due to carelessness of tourists who “go into the ocean to swim, leaving their things on the beach, and when they come out their belongings are gone.” He also added, “The same goes for when they shop in supermarkets… They should not lose sight of their things and should be accompanied by people they know and trust.”

During the mid-year holiday, both national and foreign tourists visit family and friends in tourist areas.

For example, Elieth Morales, said “I’d rather go to Playa Carrillo because it is near Nicoya and is very nice to take the kids,” while Mary Paz Morales, told us, “I want to go to Tamarindo with some cousins coming from San Jose, but we are just planning the trip.”

If, like them, you would like to travel during these days, remember not to leave your house alone, always keep an eye on your belongings, be accompanied by trustworthy people and travel in groups, and leave your vehicle locked in secure and well-illuminated places.