ADIN Elections to be Held July 19

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Elections for the new board of directors of the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN) will be held this coming July 19.

The election will take place in Nosara’s multipurpose meeting hall. The first call will be at 3 p.m.; at that time 50% of the associates will have to be present to establish a quorum. If that goal is not met, the second call will take place at 4 p.m., for which 25% of ADIN’s members will have to be present to establish a quorum.

ADIN’s current board of directors is made up of Marcos Avila, president, Martin Chacon, vice president, Jorge Arrieta, secretary, Luis Ramirez, treasurer, and Anabel Alvarez, fiscal (advisor). The vocals (other voting positions) are held by Marina Cordero, Danilo Montero and Aditza Fajardo.

Upon approval by the assembly, the current board could be re-elected and continue to serve in the same positions.

Those who want to run as candidates simply have to present themselves at the assembly and describe their proposals.

ADIN is made up of some 120 associates.