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Advertorial – Samara Beach Now Has Security Cameras Sending Images in Real Time

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In Sámara, thieves will have to think twice before committing a crime thanks to a new video surveillance system installed by Falcon Security that allows police to fight crime immediately.

Security cameras are a joint effort between Falcon, which provides the equipment, the City of Nicoya and the national police force.

Seven security cameras were installed on December 11 and installed at strategic locations along the beach and downtown. They will make the area safer for residents and tourists.

The locations of the cameras are: the intersection going from Sámara to Playa Carillo, in front of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, the InterCultura language center, in front of the Locanda restaurant and by the police station.

The images captured by these “electronic eyes” are transmitted in real time, 24/7 to the Sámara police station, according to company manager Armando Molina.

The system has facial recognition and can identify license plate numbers, which helps catch criminals.

This project helps us protect everything from Playa Cangrejal to downtown Sámara. We want to improve security, which has been affected by robberies, drugs, vandalism and general criminals,” Molina said.

Between 2003 and 2017, Sámara had one of Guanacaste’s highest crime rates. This project seeks to return calm to the community, according to Nicoya police chief Omar Chavarria.

The results of the video surveillance were immediate. During its first few weeks in operation, vehicle vandalism dropped and druggies on the beach were identified and their drugs confiscated.

The cameras allow us to identify criminal groups operating in the area and will help us arrest them with evidence in hand, which is a great advantage for us in court proceedings,” the police chief said.