Candidate’s Environmental Plan Lacks Ideas to Develop Coasts

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The candidate for president from the PRN (National Restoration Party), Fabricio Alvarado, proposes 20 courses of action for the environment in his government plan. Not one of them is focused on having an impact in the country’s coastal communities.

For their part, the official document from the Citizens’ Action Party proposes at least four initiatives that have the objective of promoting the wellbeing of coastal citizens. But it doesn’t propose any concrete projects.

This conclusion is reached after an analysis performed by The Voice of Guanacaste about the government plans of each candidate, Carlos Alvarado from the Citizens’ Action Party (PAC) and Fabricio Alvarado from the National Restoration Party (PRN) in their chapters on environment.

To conduct the analysis we also used the comparative tables elaborated by the organization Costa Rica Limpia and the non-governmental organization Fundecor.

While the candidate from PRN mentions the sea on two occasions, he doesn’t establish a direct relationship between the people of the coasts in his courses of action.

One of them is “developing an adequate strategy for the promotion of the uses of the sea and its products under a technical-scientific approach.” The approach leaves out how this could socially and economically strengthen communities.

None of them detail how the initiatives will materialize. For example, it proposes “integrate new schemes for the development of a blue and oceanic economy that allows for the growth of sea activities, tourism, fishing and mariculture, as well as the transport of merchandise and port development.”

***PAC’s proposals seeks to consolidate marine management areas in a participative manner in order to boost sustainable productive development and improve the opportunities for coastal populations.

In that same line, it proposes the development of public policies that promote benefits for community development and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable populations in the coastal zones through metrics and management of blue carbon. 

Neither one, nor the other

Other priority topics for the province, such as harshening sanctions on those who hunt animals or burn land go unmentioned in the intentions of the candidates.

In general terms, both figures present initiatives in areas such as electric mobility, public transport, energy, waste, zoning, protected areas, ecotourism and sustainable agriculture. 

Another topic that Fabricio Alvarado forgot in his plan is climate change, while in the PAC document it receives a specific section. The evangelical candidate also leaves out proposals for water infrastructure, while Carlos Alvarado proposes continuing with the Comprehensive Water Supply for Guanacaste Program and boosting PAACUME.

The red and yellow candidate also proposes other recurring issues on the national agenda, such as reforming Recope and Incopesca, initiatives that aren’t mentioned by Fabricio throughout his government plan.

Fabricio Alvarado does mention, however, promoting a new Mining Code that “allows the country to settle the pending debt it has with mining and geological resources. The issue is not brought up by his counterpart.