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Cause of Death of Man at Garza Beach Not Yet Confirmed

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Although the initial report from the Nosara Red Cross evaluated the death of a 43-year-old man found in Playa Garza as a drowning, there is still uncertainty as to the reasons for his death since that version has not been confirmed by the forensic department of  the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ).

On Tuesday, December 23, we published an article on our website that reported the death of a man identified as Wilberth Villarreal Matarrita, resident of Barco Quebrado of Samara, whose body was found on the beach.

Marco Monge, from the press department of OIJ, said that initially they are handling the case as if the man died of natural causes. “According to the data we have, Villarreal’s death could be due to natural causes. However, the results of the autopsy will determine the actual cause of death, but it could take up to two months to know the results,” Monge indicated.

For her part, Adriana Camareno, from the Nosara Red Cross, clarified that they cannot affirm that Villarreal’s death was by drowning. “It is important to clarify that when Red Cross arrived, the person was already dead, and in such cases we must comply with the protocol of filling out a form with the person’s information. As for the causes, that must be determined by OIJ,” Camareno said.

According to Camareno, there are several stories from people in the neighborhood, including that Villarreal could have been drunk, and drowning is only a possibility.

Version from Family Members

According to Alejandra Moreno, cousin of the deceased, Villarreal suffered from cirrhosis and on the eve of his death, he was drinking a lot of alcohol heavily.

“When I came (to where Villareal was found), I talked to him but obviously he didn’t answer. I felt his pulse and told my grandmother that he was dead. He was already stiff. I called OIJ and the ambulance. At about 10 a.m. (on Monday), the coroner came and said it was a natural death,” the family member explained.

The family buried the body on Tuesday morning.