CREAR Association Wins “Yo Creo” Competition and Receives $2,500

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An entrepreneurial spirit, the social impact and commitment to the community of Samara were the reasons why American Andrea Keith, founder of CREAR Association, succeeded in being one of the five winners of the “Yo Creo” (I Believe) competition.

“Yo Creo” is a recognition from the Latina University of Costa Rica (Universidad Latina), which rewards young people who are creating positive change in their communities.

As part of the award, Keith received a one-week training in Honduras and a prize of $2,500 for the association.

“It was a super experience in Honduras. Us five winners went and we were with 10 other winners from “Yo Emprendo”(I Undertake), which is similar to the program here. They trained us regarding subjects of social entrepreneurship, getting donations, business methods. It was very positive,” said the winner.

Keith, who is the director of the CREAR program, explained that they are going to use the $2,500 to hire a permanent teacher, who is a native of Samara, to take charge of the English courses.

“Now we can improve the English program because we will have a permanent person. Before we had volunteers, but they only work for three months so there isn’t continuity in the course. In addition, one of the purposes of CREAR is to offer employment opportunities to locals,” Keith commented.

Association Initiates Technological Path

In addition to preparing Samara children with English classes and promoting art programs, they now have technology courses.

According to Keith, they recently received a donation of a 3D printer, so now the children are learning to use computers, design products and print them in 3D.

They also created an engineering workshop for children, in which children can create gadgets with recycled materials.

For now, the courses are full, but Keith said thatchildren interested in joining CREAR in 2016 can call 2656-1269 nowto register on a list.