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Emerging parties displace PLN dominance in Guanacaste

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In an election day marked by rising abstentionism, three emerging parties have displaced the traditional dominance of the National Liberation Party (Spanish acronym: PLN) in the mayor’s offices of Guanacaste.

According to the ninth court of the Supreme Election Court (Spanish acronym: TSE), the United We Can Party snatched away the mayorships of Abangares and Cañas from PLN, and the Social Democratic Progress Party (Spanish acronym: PSC) caused another upset in the canton of Carrillo.

The third emerging party that is making its debut in one of Guanacaste’s mayor’s offices is the Liberal Progressive Party (PLP), which won the local government of Bagaces.

National Liberation only managed to hold onto the mayor’s office of Tilarán, and as of 11:30 a.m., the party was still battling vote by vote against PLP for Liberia, both with 19% support.

The second party that has traditionally been a political force in the province, the Social Christian Unity Party (Spanish acronym: PUSC), managed to keep two mayorships, although the cantons it governed completely changed. PUSC won in the municipalities of Nandayure and Hojancha, and lost the ones it had in Bagaces and Liberia.

The cantons of Santa Cruz, Nicoya and La Cruz re-elected their current mayors from the Authentic Santa Cruzan, The Great Nicoya and New Generation parties, respectively.

In addition, this is the first time that Carrillo, Tilarán and Hojancha elected a woman as mayor. In fact, the province has never before elected three women as leaders on a single election day.

The other emerging phenomenon is abstentionism, which went from 55.8% in the municipal elections in 2020 to 63.6% in 2024.