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First Steps for Beach Volleyball in Samara

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Traditional dances and marimba are not the only activities during the Annexation holiday weekend. In Samara, there will also be sports, and there’s nothing better than beach volleyball.

On Saturday, July 25th and Sunday, July 26th, the first open volleyball tournament in Samara will begin.

In addition to promoting athletic tourism in Samara Beach with the support of local businesses  and neighboring communities, this event is expected to be a training venue for national beach volleyball athletes.

The open tournament is an open organized by the Costa Rican Beach Volleyball Association (AVPCR- Asociacion de Voleibol de Playa de Costa Rica), together with the Samara Beach Volley Clinic and Gusto Beach Restaurant.

Gusto Beach and the Samara Beach Volley school were founders in promoting volleyball in Samara Beach, which has been a project with a lot of heart and love for the sport.

The competition for the female, male, and under 18 open categories begins at 8 a.m. on Saturday, opening the event with live music by local band Salsamara.

Approximately 40 pairs of athletes are expected to participate, so it will be a good performance, with quality volleyball and large crowds gathering.

When the series of volleyball matches ends on Saturday, the “Open Party” will be held at Gusto Beach restaurant with Santos & Zurdo, a band that combines Indian and electronic music.

On Sunday, July 26th, the semifinals and finals will be battled out in each category to determine the kings and queens of the sand of Samara Beach, finishing the event off with the award ceremony for the winners.