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Girls From San Buenaventura School in Colorado win National Soccer 7 Championship

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The heat was intense. The temperature reached 25 degrees Celsius (77 F) and all that could be sensed on the court was the tension of the girls from the schools of Bella Luz de Corredores and San Buenaventura School of Colorado of Abangares, who were facing off for the National Womens’ Soccer 7 Championship for Category A (soccer 7 is soccer played with seven players on a team).

Despite the efforts of both teams, as in any sport, there can only be one winner. The female athletes from San Buenaventura were crowned the champions with a score of 1 to 0. This final game was held on November 14th in Santa Marta of Nosara.

Eight schools from different regions of the country vied for the title in the competition that began on November 10th.

With tears in his eyes, Harvy Ordoñez, Abangares coach, expressed gratitude for having obtained the championship.

“I think this is a victory not only for the girls of San Buenaventura but also for all those girls who play soccer at the national level. We should continue to organize events like these to encourage women’s football,” Ordoñez said.

Earlier the school of Guarari of Heredia had played against Sony de Cartago bilingual school in a game where the girls from Cartago strongly dominated the scoreboard, with Sony winning 3-0, taking third place.

Right after the final game ended, the award ceremony was held for the first three places as well as most valuable player, highest scorer and best goalie. The award for most valuable player went to Roselyn Meza Torres from Guararí de Heredia School. The award for the best goalkeeper was awarded to Deilyn Fuentes Carrillo of San Buenaventura de Colorado, for which she received prizes and a pair of gloves autographed by the goalkeeper of the Costa Rican national team, Dinnia Diaz. Meanwhile the award for highest scorer was earned by Karina Calderon Rodriguez from Bella Luz de Corredores School, who racked up eight goals during the tournament.

The event was organized by parents, faculty and administrative staff of Santa Marta School, with cooperation from the Ministry of Public Education (MEP- Ministerio de Educacion Publica), the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (ICODER- Instituto Costarricense del Deporte y Recreacion) and other organizations. According to Cristian Gomez, representative of MEP, organization exceeded expectations in the development of the event.

“The organization has taken great pains in looking after the teams. We had teachers working there, the presence of the police, the Red Cross, those in charge of the food; in their free time, the girls were taken to see the area around the Nosara community. All in all, the organization has been perfect. It has exceeded expectations,” Gomez said.

Bilingue Sony from Cartago (Red) against Guarari of Heredia (blue) compiting for third and fourth place.