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Goodbye Hangover, Hello Ginger Beer

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For more than five years, American Karl Spaeth has been researching and experimenting with flavors and ingredients to perfect his ginger beer, Temple of the White Dog, produced in Nosara.

The famous white dog is sold in some areas of Guanacaste, Monteverde and Dominical. This refreshing drink has traveled around the country, has been at music festivals and is now even sold abroad in the Providence, Rhode Island area. Spaeth’s beer can be purchased in Costa Rica for ¢3,400 to ¢3,600 ($6.40 to $6.80) per liter.

While this “beer” isnt really beer, since it is made with ginger rather than grain and therefore is not alcoholic, making this drink is an art. Ginger tea is fermented with a probiotic culture that produces the main building blocks of GABA, a nonessential amino acid that is the main neurotransmitter in the brain. The list of GABA’s benefits is extensive: It improves mood, stimulates concentration, promotes relaxation and stress control, among others, according to Spaeth.

Ginger (the main ingredient harvested from local organic farms) promotes blood circulation, stimulates digestion, opens airways and relieves flu symptoms, among others.

The formula also includes small amounts of sugar, lime and black pepper, ingredients that are fused with careful balance.

It is a fizzy drink with a lot of ginger flavor, slightly sweetened, which is very refreshing for the acidic lime, and it leaves a slightly peppery taste in the mouth.

Spaeth recommends adding a little ginger beer to vegetables, as well as making “Ginger drinks” with rum, vodka and whiskey. He also recommends adding a little vanilla ice cream. The beer is very popular in pizza and hamburger restaurants in Guiones.

The Good: You can purchase ginger beer in most of the restaurants and supermarkets in Nosara.

The Bad: During rainy season, production decreases a little.