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Gourmet Empanadas At Your Doorstep

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Since March, Argentina native Alejandro Daniel Fernandez has been walking the streets of Guiones bringing his homemade gourmet empanadas, tarts and quiche.

Empanadas come in different flavors, such as beef, chicken with veggies, tuna, cheese with tomato and basil, and cheese with onion. Tarts and quiche flavors are vegetable, fish and cheese. All three of the items cost 1000 colones ($2) each.

In the morning around 9-9:30 a.m. he walks the area around Gilded Iguana toward the north entrance of the beach and also leaves some of his products at Organico Mini Super and Mini Super Guiones. In the afternoons around 3-3:30 p.m. he walks his southern route along the main road from Organico toward the main entrance of the beach.

You can get a taste of his delicious empanadas Tuesday through Saturday. He also offers delivery service if you call 8964-7137 for Spanish or 7154-4100 for English and Spanish.