Heavy Rains Leave at Least 281 Evacuees in Seven Guanacaste Shelters

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The National Commission of Emergencies (CNE) opened five shelters in Bejuco in Nandayure, Cabo Velas and Liceo in Santa Cruz, Carrillo in Hojancha and Nosara in Nicoya. In addition, the municipal emergency committee of Santa Cruz opened two more due to heavy downpours recorded during the last two days.

In total there is about 281 evacuees counted amongst the 7 shelters .

The CNE declared a yellow alert throughout the province on Thursday, October 4, which means that all the local committees are active and ready to respond to emergencies.

Rebecca Madrigal, spokeswoman for the CNE, said at the moment the institution does not require food assistance from the population, as the CNE’s warehouse’s are supplied with basic necessities.

However, Nicoya’s municipal emergency committee is in the process of opening an account in a supermarket in Nosara to purchase the necessary supplies to help the evacuees in the community shelter, located in the bull ring.

Also in Nosara, a group of neighbors of the community is organizing to collect food in the store La Bodega in Playa Pelada and the Surfing Nosara offices in Playa Guiones.


Heavy rains caused flooding in communities of Santa Cruz such as Los Amigos, Tucurrique, Limón neighborhood, Río Seco and Brasilito.

Giovanni Jimenez, mayor of Nandayure, said that the whole canton is affected, mainly the districts of Bejuco, Zapotal, San Pablo and Porvenir.

There are many people who are with their relatives. We are waiting to be informed if there is a shelter between San Pedro and San Martín because the river has not let us through, “said Jiménez.

According to the public information officer of the Red Cross of Hojancha, Glenda Salazar, at 3 a.m this Friday they received a call reporting a deceased person in the community of Estrada, Carrillo.

The victim was a 33-year-old man who was hit with a branch on his head while removing the belongings from his home due to the flood.

Salazar said the authorities have not been able to lift the body because the road is disabled.

In the cantons of Carrillo and Liberia, the municipal authorities are making inspections and assessments in the communities to provide official reports.

The mayors of the cantons of La Cruz, Bagaces, Tilarán and Cañas do not report emergency situations.

Rains until the weekend

The National Meteorological Institute (IMN) reported that the rains will affect Guanacaste until the weekend due to an atmospheric phenomenon that causes heavy rains.

“The inclement weather in Guanacaste began on Tuesday and will continue until tomorrow [Saturday],” said meteorologist Gabriela Chinchilla.

The authorities request the entire population to take precautions and remain calm.

* This note was published with updated information by the institutions at 12 noon.