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Hospitals of Guanacaste Modify their Services Temporarily to Attend to COVID-19 Emergency

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Hospitals in Nicoya and Liberia canceled appointments for outpatient consultations to prevent people from leaving their homes and risking contracting the new coronavirus.

Both medical centers have installed sinks, soap and paper towels so that each person who enters the hospital can wash their hands before and after doing so.

Both the Ebais (Basic equipment for health attention) and the hospitals set up their emergency services to attend in a specific space to symptomatic patients suspected of COVID-19.

Dr. Warner Picado, regional director of health in the region, explained that the staff of the Ebais are also trained to take samples from patients with respiratory problems. Therefore, if you feel symptoms, it is not necessary to go to a hospital.

This is how the province’s hospitals are working at the moment:

What services are enabled in each hospital?

The director of the Nicoya Hospital, Anner Angulo, said that as an exception they are treating cancer patients, those who require dialysis, anticoagulated, pregnant women and patients with advanced illnes. The Hospital of Liberia published on its Facebook page that they are attending appointments for palliative, dialysis, anticoagulated and post-operative care as normal.

How can I get information about rescheduling my appointment?

In the Liberian hospital you can call 2690-9700, extension 1450, if you want information or rescheduling of your outpatient appointment. If your appointment was at the Nicoya hospital, you can call 2685-5066.

What if I need to collect medications?

The Liberia Hospital pharmacy service is operating normally. However, the medical center asks senior citizens to avoid going to withdraw them.

Nicoya Hospital coordinated the shipment of medications to the Ebais of each patient “so that they do not have to go to the hospital just to pick up the medication,” said director Anner Angulo.

How are inpatient visits working?

Both hospitals have the policy to allow only one person at a time. The two medical centers, in addition, established a maximum of one visiting hour for hospitalized patients.

Hours in Liberia are 11 a.m. to 12 p. m., for hospitalized patients, 12 p. m. ti 1 p. m. for intensive care patients and 5 p. m. ti 6 p. m. for observation patients.

The hour in Nicoya, as specified by the director, is 4 p.m. to 5 p. m.