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Mother Drowns While Attempting to Save Daughters in the Ocean

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A woman identified as 35-year-old Kattia María Umaña Chaverri drowned on Tuesday, January 25th while on vacation with her husband and daughters at Playa Guiones.

The unfortunate incident took place a few minutes after 1:00 p.m., while the victim and her daughters where playing at a place known as the “Los Piletones” when, without realizing it, the rising tide prevented them from touching the sandy bottom with their feet. “(A current) pulled us until we could no longer feel the sand and our sister was drowning, she (Kattia) rescued her”, narrated Priscila Caravaca Umaña, daughter of the deceased.

The strong currents pulled them into the ocean and upon seeing her little girls being taken away by the current, the mother struggled to keep them afloat. “She kept pushing them so that the waves would bring them to shore”, her daughter explained, adding that “a young man helped us get out but he was unable to rescue my mom. My dad brought her out and attempted to give her first aid”.

The women was taken out of the water and brought to shore where her husband,  Cristian Caravaca, who works as a nurse for a foreign elderly adult, with the help of  those on the beach, started performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. However, all efforts were useless. Shortly after, in response to a 911 call, a Tourist Police patrol  and the Nosara Red Cross ambulance arrived.

Kattia María, who worked as a kindergarten teacher in Santa Ana, San José, was visiting Playa Guiones for the first time. Her husband, Cristian, had to be taken to Nicoya’s Hospital in a state of shock.