New Mural Adorns Music School in Nosara

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Throughout March, a mosaic-style mural on the side of the Nosara Development Association’s (ADIN – Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Nosara)building has taken shape piece by piece on a wall of what is hoped to soon become the new SINEM Music School.

Sarah Antonson of the Surfing Nosara Foundation is the person in charge of directing the project and collecting the raw material needed to complete it. The project’s cost is estimated to be $500. “It’s not that much money if you think of the big impact that the wall is going to have in the community. We are looking for volunteers and we want to help finish it,” said Antonson.

Some of the ceramic bits were bought in Nicoya, and others were received through donations of broken pieces. The mural’s design forms musical figures on the wall, which can be seen from the street, and is the work of Canadian artist Karen Gingrich, who has been an instructor and art therapist at Serapio Lopez School in previous years.

The artist was looking to continue working with children this year and give back to the community in a different way, applying her knowledge of mosaics. “We are hoping to continue with the project and show the community how much effort went into it,” she told The Voice.

The volunteer work to finish the mural has been proceeding Monday through Friday, for some four or five hours each day. People of all ages are welcome to participate. Mosaics are ideal work for groups, especially if children are involved, as workers have the freedom to choose the figures and colors they want.

To participate, contact Antonson at 8996-6964, who hopes that work will be finished this week.

ADIN plans to open the music school soon. You can contribute to the mural project or by donating materials for the school’s floor or instruments. Contact Hayley McMillan at [email protected], a member of the committee, for more information.